Risk Management

In today’s business environment, organizations face a dynamic risk profile and must be diligent and proactive in perpetuating their strategies.  Before attempting to design an insurance program to fit a client’s specific needs, exposures must be fully identified, defined and the risks quantified; only then can decisions be made as to which risks/exposures will be retained, transferred or avoided.  Once this step is complete, the appropriate insurance program(s) (coverages, limits, deductibles, captives, etc.) can be properly designed.

Tailored Risk Management Consulting

SK&P’s Risk Management Consulting Services are customized for each individual client.  No client is the same and subsequently, neither is our strategy.  We spend considerable time getting to know your company, its affiliated entities, specific exposures, contract risks, appetite for risk and your ability to finance it.  By focusing on risk first, we are able to combine unique and proprietary risk management strategies with traditional and non-traditional commercial insurance and loss controls programs to optimize the financial capacity of our clients.